Essential Living: 3-Piece Dry Brushing Spa Kit - 1 Face Brush, 2 Body Scrub Brushes and a Cotton Bag - Body and Skin Care for Exfoliation, Blood Circulation and Lymphatic System Stimulation Support

Essential Living
  • Ayurveda


Eliminate dry, flaky skin: dry brushing exfoliates your pores and removes dead skin cells, letting your skin breathe and absorb moisture better Perfect for dry brushing beginners and pros: brush 1 is great for beginners with its softer boar bristles, brush 2 has sisal plant fibers for experts, and brush 3 is soft enough for facial skin care Help stimulate natural detox: by dry brushing daily, you help stimulate lymphatic drainage to support blood circulation and combat swelling and discomfort Support cellulite breakdown: brushing with our brush 2 regularly can even help you combat the appearance of cellulite Your satisfaction is our priority: Essential Living accepts returns for 30 days from date of delivery