Dry Brushing Body Brush - Natural Boar Bristle Dry Brush Set for Body and Face Brushing - Ski Brushing - Loofah Back Scrubber - Bath and Shower Gloves - Pumice Stone Foot Scrub - Men and Women

  • Ayurveda


Rejuvenate with our DRY SKIN BRUSHING bundle. Our dry skin brush is made with NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES. Spend just 10 minutes daily for a completely natural full body detox, exfoliation, and Cellulite reduction. REDUCE Cellulite, Varicose Veins, Lymphadema and Stretch Marks the all Natural way. You'll be amazed at the results - sometimes as fast as a few days of daily use. Incredible REACH with LONG DETACHABLE CURVED HANDLE made of the finest sleek polished wood. Easily scrub your back in the tub or shower without any hassle. 100% all NATURAL BOAR BRISTLES ideal for pre shower / bath dry brushing to gently reinvigorate your body and skin. Body brush, Face brush, Dry brushing brush, boar bristle body brush, natural body brush, skin brush, cellulite brush, lymphatic brush, reduce cellulite, exfoliate skin, improve circulation - perfect as a gift - printed easy to follow instructions - perfect a a reference for experienced users and for complete beginners!